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Carpet Cleaning Tips And Trick

If I can find a way to house chores in itself and thus save some money, I'll do that too much. I'm trying to repair my car, make computer faster or whatever in and around my house. I feel so proud as a peacock when I stuff myself urogenital and the result is another good. So what about now with home carpet cleaning? and carpet cleaner.Even the best carpet shampooers 2015 cannot help you some times.

Even though I work as a professional carpet cleaner, I want to make clear right away that I'm not against it if people want to clean their own carpet. 

Does that surprise you? Look at it from my side: If you clean your carpet, it means that your carpet as long as possible to keep beautiful; that's exactly what we want. Most importantly, it means that you are concerned with the appearance of not only your carpet, but also your entire home. And we like to work with these people! 

Now this does not mean that cleaning your carpet every way you can think of can be done. There are many products that can be used for carpets to "cleanse" we think they should not be used. I will not mention names of brands because they change. But let's look at the different methods: 

Liquids and powders that are applied and ingeschrobd: 

This is an older method of cleaning that we occasionally still used to seeing. With this method, most of the detergents remain in the carpet. The problem is quite clear. What happens to all those soap? It certainly will not disappear. It remains in the carpet and often attracts more dirt, especially when the humidity is high. And when the carpet seems dirty again, what do you do? Exactly, you repeat the process. This worsening you at each cleaning situation. These carpets, over time, there will be dull and worn appearance. Often these rugs are affected irreversibly. 

Powders that are applied ingeschrobd and sucked: 

These may include odor absorbing chemicals. This method has many of the negative characteristics of the previous method. Again be dry chemicals on a carpet sprinkled, but how many of these are well below really sucked? How many people take the time to thoroughly vacuum. What happens to the rest? It does not go away by itself. This method can give you temporary results, but the results in the long term are not too good. 

What about the methods that are good to use? 

Home Cleaning Units with some great carpet shampooers.: 

These can be purchased at electronics stores like Mega Pool and EP. They work with the same principle as the units in our cars. Water and a little detergent is used on the carpet and immediately sucked. This is fine if it is done properly (See described below).

Rented cleaning units: 

These are just more powerful versions of the home cleaning units. The design may be different but they work with the same principle. These can be rented for example Gamma or Praxis. 

Here are a few points you should keep in mind if you have smaller cleaning units used as yourself carpet cleaning.Use Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer for great results.


This can not be said often enough. We tend to think that if a little is good, a lot must be better. This is not true in this case. 

It's better to use too little than too much detergent. 

I recommend to perhaps half or even less than, use the recommended amount. You can always do it again. But once too much detergent in your carpet's get this quite tricky again. Remember that most of the dirt that you're trying to clean water soluble and not so much cleaner needs to be removed. 


Anyone can make a carpet wet. You actually only need a garden hose. But how do you get all this water out again? 

Make sure you often with your vacuum cleaner up and down. Not only is this good for drying, because every drop of water that soaks you need not evaporate, but this water is too dirty what you get out. The carpet cleaner will be alone, with this step. 


It takes longer to do the job well with a smaller unit - here you can not ignore. I heard from my clients that, in many cases, lost weekends to clean a relatively small carpet, one that we should be doing about an hour. You need to weigh the costs against the benefits. Every do-it-yourselfer knows that sometimes it is better to let other people do things, either because of timing, size of the job or because you do not have the knowledge. 


I say this not only for my own interest. It's just true. While smaller units work well for retouching or rig for when family comes to visit, they simply just do not generate enough heat and power to a unit of us can. They can not clean as deeply and thoroughly, regardless of how much time is devoted to it.